Sunday, June 1, 2008


We had an errand right near this large thrift store located in Conroe at 727 West Davis St, so I got to do a little shopping! They are in a strip mall right near the Schoolhouse Store, and right down the road from Nearly New Thrift Shop:

I really appreciate this thrift store because they are open later (until 6pm) and they have carts! Although some of their prices can be high and might not be consistent, the store has a nice, wide open feel and a great selection. On the right side of the store is furniture, and toys, games and sports equipment are in the back. Books are in the front next to more expensive antiques and collectibles on display, with small appliances and dishes behind that. The left side of the store is clothes, shoes, computers, baby items and stationary. I started with the books, regular price is $2 hardcover, $1 paperback and $.25 flimsy kids books (this is very subjective so ask the cashier before she rings you up). They were having a sale, as they often do, for buy two books get one free. I found some ABeka books, Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 2 (!), and a vintage Disney pop up book plus a few others that got me excited. Also, there is usually a table with a bunch of VHS and books that have been marked with a red X - these are only $.25 each. I also spotted some vintage comics and magazines in the collectibles section, but they were $2 to $5 each. Most of the items that they display on those glass shelves have antique store prices.

My husband and kids occupied themselves by looking through the variety of kitchen helpers. Child #2 really wanted his own electric mixer ($4), but I didn't think that was such a great idea. We moved on to the toys next. There is always a great selection of board games, and today I found Balloon Lagoon by Cranium (complete with all pieces and batteries $1.50). I am indebted to my husband and his keen eyes for spotting a vintage Fisher Price Little People pop up camper trailer ($2). There are many signs posted warning you not to leave any children unattended, but there will inevitably be some of those trying to prevent you from buying any the toys within their eyeline. Ah well, it wouldn't be a thrift store without somebody else's kids stepping on your toes (and not apologizing).

Next, we briefly checked out the clothes. The shoes are far too expensive for my taste ($5-15), and most of the adult clothes are as well. The formal gowns start at $10 and go up to about $25, but what a selection - 20 pounds of sequins, pink satin, rhinestone straps, florals! My sister would probably like them. The prices on the clothing are confusing with Kids clothing under 24 months priced seperately from Kids 2t to 5t or Kids 6t to ... Also they subdivide basic categories so collared shirts cost more than pullover shirts and elastic waist are cheaper than button. I had to refer to the prices at least seven times as I looked through the clothing, so that didn't last long. It is worth it for good baby clothing 24 months and under, since those are $1-2. I was also able to find a like new shirt for Child #1 for $2. That was the cheapest though, it went up to $3 and $4 and I didn't even look at the adult clothing.

Since we were shopping as a family, this was a relatively short trip, and I didn't get to really look at a lot. However, I was very pleased because it was only $12.99 for everything, and I bought things that we actually needed. By the way, they accept cash, check and Visa ($5 minimum for charge cards).

I highly recommend this store for it's organized set-up, kid friendly carts and variety of merchandise.
Some prices:
Kids "flimsy" books $.25
Paperbacks $1
Hardcover $2
Board Games $1-5
Barney VHS on Clearance $.25
Fantastic Four Comic Book $2
Atrocious Black and Gold Sequined Dress $18
2 Skeins of cotton baby yarn $.25 each
8 pack of vintage cards $1.75
Burgundy Leather Ladies Boots $14


Anonymous said...

What size were those burgundy boots?
Need something for my feet.

Ali said...

I think they were at least an 8 or 9, maybe bigger? Yeesh, I can't remember. I just remember the leather was nice and they looked almost new. Probably why they cost so much.