Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kink in my Neck to blame

I have neglected the blog again. I blame it on a number of factors:
1. Poor husband worked this weekend. Good money, but very tired mommy and daddy. Thank goodness for three day weekend coming up!
2. Another head cold! Very minor this time but still annoying and snuffly. Lost my taste buds for only one day though.
3. A very weird neck problem. I woke up four days ago with a stiffness and thought I must have slept on it funny. It was much worse the next day, and I couldn't turn my head or barely move it. My neighbor came to the rescue and did some awesome massage therapy on it and I dug out the Motrin. It seems to be slowly getting better. She told me I have a big knot on some ligament or muscle or something that goes into my neck. Hmm, I wonder if that is from the stress or carrying the baby on that side all the time?
4. Preoccupied with getting things done. Sadly, I cannot say that posting on my blog is very productive. I do have initial word that our homestudy is complete, so that's totally awesome! Still, I will not be calm until I have it in my hands.

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