Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adoption Fund Progress Report for April

Well, it's been a slower month for making money. Sweet husband of mine had less overtime this month and even ended up doing jury duty for a week, so that took away a little potential revenue. Don't feel too sorry though. Jury Duty was actually a little bit of vacation for him. Easier drive, shorter hours, free soda and snacks, and sitting in a comfy chair all day - he was pretty happy about it.

I made about $100 on Ebay in April, but I finally got to list some of my big ticket items this week. In fact, I am super happy because my vintage Little People Action Garage just went for $100 tonight! Woo hoo. Yee haw. Isn't that awesome? Although, technically I am counting that towards the month of May.

We now have 43% of the total. We are in the midst of our homestudy and paperwork, so I apologize if I don't post often. Hopefully, our savings will get a big boost in May, once the government sends us that economy booster rebate. (Please, you think I'm actually going to spend that rebate check on electronics and clothes?)

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Laura said...

WTG on the auctions!!!!!!!!!!