Monday, December 5, 2016

December Already!

Days of waiting really drag by, but then I look at the calendar and see that it's already December. Every day is one day closer to bringing home Child #5. That is a really tough thing to remember when weeks go by with no news. I was busy for sure, but the impatience is always there in the back of my mind.
I felt like I wasn't distracted enough, so I invited my cousin's family over for Thanksgiving along with her parents, my mom's brother and sister in law. You would think I would have poured that energy into being an amazing hostess with matching placemats and name cards, but mostly it meant that I spent two days cleaning then ran out of energy halfway into planning the menu. Thankfully, they are easy going, and my aunt enjoys cooking improve. "No evaporated milk? I think it will taste better with sour cream!" Thank you Lord that I invited a baking genius! She was right, it did taste better with sour cream! My turkey and mashed potatoes were perfect, so I consider that a success. But I didn't really feel that hosting one holiday was an adequate distraction from the waiting, so when my mom asked if my 16 year old niece could stay with us for three and a half weeks... Sure, why not? She's very sweet, but she's also very different. She has some special needs (autistic traits), so maturity wise I would put her at an 11-12 year old level. She spends all day long with my girls and they love her. She does school with us. She is similar in many ways to Child #2 in that she writes comics and tells stories in her head all day long. The tricky part is that her parents haven't taught her a lot of basic manners, so we are working on those. I also think she has very low self esteem, she hunches over and hides her face so often. She shows some awareness of being different or "weird", so it makes me sad to think of how she views herself. I think she will be a very famous author someday though. Her drawings and characters are amazing, better than many children's books I've seen. I don't know how, but I want to see her get published someday...
So pretty much that's why I haven't posted anything lately. I didn't really succeed at distracting myself; mostly, I just succeeded at having less time and being more tired.
I waited the entire month of November, but then I saw someone with the same LID date as me post that they were out of translation. So I broke down and called. Sure enough we had moved to in review also! I lost most of my enthusiasm when I saw fifty more people post that they were also out of translation on the same day. Their LID dates were from mid October to mid November, so now I don't know how much importance it has. But still, I have my hopes up that we might hear something new this week, or more likely next week. In the meantime, this is kind of how I feel...

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