Friday, October 16, 2009

One Year Waiting...

Yes, we celebrated our our one year waitiversary. We went to see Zombieland, which seemed appropriate somehow. It is so out of character for me too, the last scary movie I saw in theatres was Scream (the first one). Embarrassing right? but Zombieland wasn't scary, so much as over the top silly and really funny.
We did get our homestudy update in the mail and we went and got re-fingerprinted this month. Everyone asks about that, and I still can't answer why. I don't think our fingerprints changed in the last fifteen months, so I don't know why they can't just use our original fingerprints and check them through the FBI again. But there is no finding sense in the government's workings. If anyone has a good reason for it, please enlighten us.
They are still working on dossiers from May 08 and a couple in June 08, so we're looking at at least four months probably more like six... Ick.

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