Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amazon Free MP3 Downloads

I love Amazon's free MP3 downloads. They send me an email every now and then with new ones, but I only get to go through them every few months. So I spent a few hours listening to snippets and downloading oodles of music by bands I have never heard of. Here are some of the best (I think):
Eternal Baroque by Various Artists (whole album is free!)
Boom by Anjulie
We Should Fight by Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
Rat Race by the Hundreds and Thousands
Animal by Miike Snow
the Sounds of Soweto by the Soweto Gospel Choir (whole album! highly recommend!)
Ancestors by Throw Me the Statue
Lille by Lisa Hannigan
100 best Digital Sampler by Various Artists (classical whole album)
Here are some more full albums that were free, but I chose to delete a few songs I didn't like:
Barsuk Records 2009 by Various Artists
Be On the Lookout! (Lookout Records) by Various Artists
Sargent House Sampler by Various Artists
I'm not very good at describing music, but I tend to go toward alternative, indie, with a bit of punk. And my tastes are varied, so I have no idea if your taste will agree with mine. But I gurantee you'll have fun sifting through music samples :)


Shannon- said...

No swearing or nastiness (following instructions!...) although I can't spell so forgive that... I didn't want to post this on the forum for obvious reasons. You asked about wheather pm were actually private. i have huge suspicions of no. I was recently "Forum warned" for something ridiculous. But when questioned about it I was told that it was becasue I mentioned my specialists name. I'm quite sure that I never did in the actual post only in PM's. Just a heads up :-) oh twell... that's what Facebook is for I guess!

Anonymous said...

If you say it or show it on the internet, its not private. Even emails get forwarded. Big Brother is always watching. Be warned, Shannon.
From One Who Knows. Beware of He Who Must Not Be Named.

Ali said...

Boy, maybe we're just another one of the reasons that the forum went down...