Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7 Months Waiting

What do I have to blog about? I have disappeared because my husband is still doing obscene amounts of overtime (obviously I am grateful for this, but I'm tired too), nothing new has happened (two walkthroughs in two months), and I'm kind of depressed with the news coming out of Ethiopia right now. Things are tumultuous, and some newer, smaller agencies have been doing some despicable things, if rumors are true. Our wait is now looking more like 14-18 months for a referral, but at least, I can be assured that we used a reputable, ethical agency. That is what I keep repeating to myself over and over.

Our new super computer is becoming a bigger headache than the old one. We have had it for a few weeks and I have become adept at playing technical support russian roulette. I find the technicians on the west coast are the most helpful, but two out of three of my calls go to somewhere in eastern Asia. My computer periodically locks up and shuts down while I am in the middle of something, usually about four or five times a day. Despite at least a dozen hours spent on the phone with hp, I have yet to get my problem fixed. I finally told them I want to have it replaced with a properly working one. The downfall is that they have to recieve it back before they build the new one. Does that seem odd? Because I kind of feel like they should be making amends and apologizing for their faulty pc, but I am the one being seriously inconvienced. Hmph. As a result, I still don't have photos uploaded yet, therefore no fun, non-identifying photos to share with you today.


Anonymous said...

just checking in on you! Hang in there...I know the wait is excrutiating!

Lynn in Doha

fawnda said...

We adopted our son through Korea! It is hard to wait! I totally understand!

Your left a comment on my giveaway - that is how I found you. :)