Thursday, July 3, 2008

Adoption Progress Report for June

I don't really understand how, but we are 64% to the total. I triple checked it, but it seems right. Apparently, we still socked away money despite a few pitfalls this month. Such as, my husband's motorcycle running over a nail and having to be towed. Sadly, he happened to be FAR away from home. So he was towed to Brenham for it to be fixed. 25 miles into his return trip, the tire went flat again. By this time the sun was setting, so the kids and I went on a road trip to get him. Apparently, he ran over another nail in the same tire. Go figure. My poor husband was toasted pink from all the hours waiting by the road for tow trucks, but he looked totally bad boy gorgeous when I picked him up. We found him lounging in the grass next to his bike. It was a country road and there was a farm in the background. And it took my breath away how good he looked. I don't think he realized it because he was pink, sweaty and dehydrated. The tow truck came soon after I did, and apparently, it had to be towed back to Brenham. So after another repair expense, we drove out again the next day to pick up the motorcycle. We didn't even get to Blue Bell, but we did get the motorcycle home. So... we'll call it even.

Other highlights this month? I had my big toenail removed. Yes, it was numbed first, but by night time, it felt more realistic - like my toenail had been ripped off. I went around for a week cringing every time a child came near my foot. Despite my best efforts, I had a couple days were the toe was stepped on six times by different children and animals. I am glad to report that it is feeling relatively normal, and hopefully, the toenail will finally be normal when it comes back. (Interestingly enough this is the second time I have lost that toenail. The first time was in fifth grade when a conference table was dropped on it, but that isn't what did it in. No, I had a soccer game the next day. I got put in, so I had to play! I had to kick the ball. Afterwards, my mom stuck my purple toe in ice, but the nail came off the next day. I suspect it is a cursed toe.)

I spent one whole week doing VBS. We actually went all five days, and we were even there on time once. I helped with the Crafts. I love crafts, all the glue sticks and glitter and markers. Plus, I don't have to worry about someone messing up my carpet or using too much glue. Go for it! There was also some overlapping days of Child #3 being terribly cranky and feverish with no other symptoms. I blame it on a new molar and front tooth, but watch out, I think more molars are coming.

Oh also, I turned 30 and my daughter turned 1. Milestones? I supppose, especially when you consider what I was like when I turned 20. Thank you Lord for grace! Mostly, I am just thankful for what God has given me in the last 30 years. I am thankful for every day that I have watching my kids grow and being with my husband and loving all of them. I am thankful that my parents and sisters and brother are all still living and healthy and happy. Oh, I'm getting misty. I'll tell you why. I just finished watching Jane Eyre. It's a newer version (2006) from Masterpiece Theatre and four hours long at that, and I was leery about another adaptation of a great book. Oh, but I was wrong. I was bawling by the end of it, and I am not fond of crying at movies. But this was a good crying. The actor playing Mr. Rochester will rip your heart out. He rivals Mr. Darcy. I am not joking. It was so good that I went straight to the internet to purchase it. It will go in my closet as a Christmas gift to me (thank you honey!).

Anyway, I will tell you our progress since that is supposed to be the purpose of this post. We sent all the paperwork to USCIS. We are on the verge of sending in our grant application materials. We sent stuff to the Secretary of State to be authenticated. Some day I may run out of things to fill out and send. I am waiting to hear from the USCIS, and I admit I am starting to get a little anxious. But I repeat my mantra, all in God's time. Once everything comes back to me and gets completed, our dossier will be almost complete. We continue to thank God for moving everything along smoothly and continuing to provide for us financially.

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Am I the only one that comments on here? Well, we are definitely going to Blue Bell when I visit next time, even if I have to drive and pay for the gas! You just can't find it in Fl. and that s@#ks big time. Nanny