Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silliness for Spring Break

Apparently there are people on Spring Break this week, so the kids and I decided to do nothing today. And I mean nothing. I should be doing all sorts of things with my free time - call the insurance company, work on the cookbook, list things on Ebay, price things for the garage sale, fold laundry, and on and on. But the kids and I have actively chosen to have a useless day today. We caught up on American Idol performances on YouTube, and we spent lots of time making doggie and kittie mail for people at
You will get just as addicted to it as we did. You pick the animal, background, and voice. You can write the text of what you want them to say. Here's one I made for you:

If you are feeling really irresponsible and silly, go to the McDonalds on FM1488 and 2978. They are having Hard Hat Specials, and today is $1 Hamburger Happy Meals. Friday looks good too. Filet O Fish Value Meals for $1.99. It almost makes it affordable to go out for dinner :)

Okay, now I really do need to go fold laundry, and I think one of the kids just tried to break my fan.


Lynn said...

Just checking in on you! I am Lynn, living in the middle east. We used to live in the Woodlands, and I love reading about all the good sales. We just don't have that kind of shopping here. We are also adopting from Ethiopia. We are using AAI.

I hope you have a fun week with your kids!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Spring break. Time when students get restless and descend on Florida and other beachy places.
Did you know you can make the kitty follow your curser by moving it around. She follows it with her eyes.
Cute kitty mail. Happy Easter, Christ the Lord is Risen, He is Risen, indeed!
Lady Jane