Friday, March 21, 2008

Garage Sale 3/29 and That's Not All

So, we have had a really good week. First of all, my poor husband has been working lots of overtime because it just happened to come up the last couple of weeks. Convienient how that coincides with money going out for the van problems and termites. He also found out that he is getting a merit raise. Granted, it is just the yearly raise, and it probably won't even cover inflation this year, but still, it is better than nothing! May I just mention that I am sick of hearing about these great companies with $4000-10,000 in adoption benefits? Who are these companies? Adoption benefits at his company are non existent. They were not even open to considering it. Just be grateful to have a paycheck. Thanks guys! If a great company ever comes knocking, that will be the first question I would ask (probably not my husband's first question), but I digress.

I only made $63 doing the consignment sale, but it's $63 more in the bank. Plus, I have lots of clothes left over that are already tagged for the garage sale we're having on March 29. Speaking of which, if you have anything to get rid of, call me and I'll pick it up or you can drop it off. I need to update you on my garden, but I have been lazy in uploading my photos. I will try to get to it this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, and remember this as the time that Christ's ultimate sacrifice allowed us to be adopted into the family of God. Jesus was His only son, but God loves us all as His children. You know what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

I got the Dali DVD and it was good for 2 bucks. It was an introductory vol. 1 and had some vintage interviews. The best was with Mike Wallace, commercial for Parliment cigarettes and all. Thanks again.