Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mission Statement Expanded Version

We've been going along with long days that blend into each other until the months have flown by. My oldest son is learning to read and write right before my eyes, all the while growing taller and taller. I am thankful that he will still cuddle when we read books together. They all grow fast now that I think about it. My newborn isn't a newborn anymore. She is heavy. She tries to crawl. She has six teeth, yes six.

The days are long but the years are short. I repeat it on a daily basis. Those of you with kids know what I mean. When they are hitting and screaming and fighting over a toy, then they repeat that process seventeen times before it's lunchtime. When dinner time is upon you, and you have run out of energy for anything. Will it be okay to have sandwiches or pancakes again or will the husband start to make faces? When it's eight o clock and you're exhausted and the kids still need to brush their teeth, put on pajamas, and have bedtime stories/hugs. The days are very long. But then you notice that the winter footsies from last year look like doll pajamas on your oldest, and all of a sudden your middle child is just the right size for them. The baby never falls asleep on your chest anymore, but she does try to climb you and pull your hair. She is not so tiny in her car seat anymore. In fact, she will have to have a new car seat soon. I have good friends that I only talk to twice a year because we don't realize that months have passed since we've talked. Where does that time go?

So, our days go by in a pattern. Our weeks pass with little variation, and we love our life. I could not ask God for a better life, and I am very grateful for it.

One day about two weeks ago, my husband came home from Bible study, and said, "I think we should adopt from Africa." What?? Where did that come from? As if we don't have enough stuff on our plates. I listened, and I made a few faces. I thought, "Yeah, it's a passing idea." Then a strange thing happened. He passed it on to me. I've jumped on his crazy train. I started seeing all the pieces, understanding what motivated him. It certainly makes a difference that circumstances in our lives have come together in such a way as to point a big neon arrow towards this. Our church has families that have adopted or are adopting. Our pastor is adopted. We know we want to have more kids. It's up to God to determine how, when, etc. Focus on the Family had an amazing broadcast that spoke to my heart. You can listen to the podcast for free.

There are some obstacles, but we already know what country we will adopt from and when we will start. We don't know where the ridiculous amount of money will come from, but it will be there. I know a lot of people will think we are crazy, but honestly, that's nothing new. I would appreciate your prayers in the meantime. I hope this tells you a little more about our decision to adopt and also why I have a blog all about saving money and finding deals.

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