Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Coupon/Promotion Codes for Online Shopping

I don't shop online too much, but if you do, you might be interested in these sites. You can find coupon or promotional codes that are current to put in at checkout. Sometimes they give you free shipping or a percentage off. www.edealfinder.com is easy to use. You can search for promotions by the store or website name. www.dealhunting.com is another one, but I didn't think it was very easy to use. http://www.current-codes.com/ is well laid out and easy to use. At www.coolsavings.com you can sign up for coupons, samples and codes, but I always had a hard time trying to use it. http://www.dealcatcher.com/ shows top online deals of the day, and they find some great deals on electronics and computers. Remember to bookmark any of the sites you find useful, so you don't forget what the website address is later.

Also, if you want to actually save money in a bank, Washington Mutual has a new savings program called Saving for Success. You can set aside $25 to $500 a month, and it will draw 6.5% interest. After 12 months, they automatically roll it into a savings account for you. The downfall is that you would be penalized if you touch the money sooner than 12 months. It is worth considering though because that is a great interest rate. Here's the details. http://www.wamu.com/personal/savings_account/savings_for_success_account/default.asp
It looks like it is only available in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, and Washington.

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