Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Am I a Dork?

I don't really get much free time, and then it's usually at night when everyone is asleep. What do normal people do with their free time? Do they blog more or do they -
- watch the New Moon trailer multiple times when they're feeling down (watch it on Hulu!)?
- practice twists and braids on their daughter's My Little Pony because they're still waiting for lovely African hair to style for real?
- read Us Weekly cover to cover while curling their lip in disgust and/or gleeful derision?
- skip exercise because going up and down stairs ten times a day and lifting/carrying a 27 pound toddler already counts?
- sacrifice sleep to keep reading a good book (current sleep stealer: An Accomplished Woman)?
- compose angry letters to editors/congressman in their heads, but never get around to actually writing them?
- look for things on ebay that they have no intention of buying?
- watch stupid videos on youtube like Christopher Walken reciting Lady Gaga (my husband, not me)?
- procrastinate doing things like bills, laundry, shower in favor of puttering on the computer or reading (Mom, I know you know what I'm talkin' about)?
- do devotions on a very sporadic schedule?
Okay, that last one's not dorky so much as lazy.
Sometimes I feel like Hugh Grant in About A Boy, measuring out my activities by time units.
Although, he had a LOT more free time than me.


steffany said...'re a dork.
welcome to the club

Anonymous said...

yeah, its called not scheduling your activities and making appts. for yourself to do stuff. However, life (and children) has/have a way of upsetting your schedule. Then your husband (now my EX) comes home and can't figure out what you did all day. Of course, they can do it better!