Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Give Away Day Winnings

Here is my much delayed post about all the cool stuff I won from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day. I just recieved the last item this week (I guess she was much delayed also :). Let this be a lesson to you, if you neglect house cleaning and cooking dinner for a few days and devote yourself fully to entering oodles of blog giveaways, you too could be just as lucky as me. I was extremely surprised by all contests I won, and I made sure to share with my family, children and friends.

So, in photo #1, we have a Surfing Nelephant from Danger Kitty Designs, underneath that is a heavenly smelling tropical soap set from The Nadalet Family, and the adorable little red bag is from Mackville Road.
In photo #2, I put my 20 year old pincushion next to the beautiful cupcake that I won from Hillary at Designing Happy (she also included that lovely fabric scrap). I am still going to keep my old pincushion. Child #1 is very excited to be able to start using it.
In photo #3, cupcakes were the charm this year, and my cupcakes actually came on my birthday. How cool is that? This is my lovely personalized apron and cupcake clippies from Julee at Green(ish) Mama. I love this apron and I keep it hanging in my kitchen. My daughter wore the clippies on her birthday four days after mine!
And lastly, in photo #4, a super soft pair of wash mitts and goats milk soap from Breezy Babies. Seriously, I just kept closing my eyes and rubbing my cheek against the mitt. I cannot recommend the goats milk soap enough, it's fabulous!

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