Monday, December 22, 2008


We were blessed this week by someone. We don't know who, but they left us three bags of food and a very large gift. It was broken up into something for each of the kids and something for each of us. I am just overwhelmed by it, and I hope they know how much we appreciate it. We have gotten so used to being self reliant and working for everything we have, and it has been like that since the day we got married. Then we moved to Texas, and I am constantly astounded by the generousity and affection of people here. I feel so blessed to have so many friends, and people that genuinely care about us. When we moved here, we only knew one person, and she lived an hour away. We left all our family hundreds of miles away in Florida, but it feels like we have family here now. I just want to give a big Christmas hug to all the people in our church and our homeschool community. And to our anonymous angel, I would like to say THANK YOU!


Shelley said...

Ali!! What a wonderful Christmas blessing in the form of a 'secret Santa' surprise! I forget that our forum friends can live so far away. I called Texas home for most of my life, so I know exactly what you mean about our snow! Merry Christmas!

steffany said...

That's awesome!!!!!!
I do believe some of the nicest people live in Texas. I love going there. I think I'll be heading there next week to help a family member

Lynn said...

What an awesome surprise for your family!

Hope you have a great 2009!

Lynn in Doha