Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Reformation Day/Halloween!

Aside from playing dressing up and gorging on candy, I don't really like Halloween as a holiday. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas much more. The kids had a lot of fun last night though. We went to our church's fall festival, and the kids played lots of games. Child #2 went in the bounce houses for about five minutes and then spent the rest of the night going through the cardboard box maze. He went through about 29 times in a row, and of course, he got a piece of candy each time. Child #1 enjoyed all the games, especially the dinosaur dig (in 20 lbs of rice), but he was also enamored with the box maze. Good fun and it was all free!
We bought two pumpkins this year ($3.89 each). I decorated one and Child #1 did the other. Can you tell who did which?
I have big plans for cooking them later this week and freezing. Last year, I made an amazing pumpkin soup that I want to have again. I'm even going to try to use the seeds for more than planting this year, I found a recipe for sugared pumpkin seeds. Should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Very cool pumpkins! I suppose #1 is an Ethiopian landscape and #2 is abstract crayon drawing? Really Ali, you can draw better than that! Can't wait to taste the pumpkin recipes. Love ya! Mom

Carole said...

Can you send me the recipes for the pumpkin soup and candied pumpkin seeds? Thanks!

Ali said...

I'll try to post the recipes. Can you tell me if there is a better way to cook pumpkin than cutting it up and boiling? I read something that you can bake the two sides.