Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 Months Waiting...

5+ months waiting and I have disappeared from blogging.
It is because:
a) The house is for sale, so I spend all day cleaning. Ironically, there hasn't been a walkthrough yet.
b) Poor hubby gets up at 4 am and doesn't get home until 6 pm. So I spend all day watching the kids, then he gets 2-3 hours before bed to eat dinner and spend time with us. Oh, and sometimes he works on the weekend. (I am not complaining, I am thankful for the job and the steady paycheck, especially considering what some friends are going through right now.)
c) I am exhausted, tired, frayed, and occasionally on the verge.
d) I have NO time...
I will be back someday, perhaps even to show you proof that you CAN get a speeding ticket for going 6 miles over the limit. Or with similarly ridiculous/happy/crazy/sad/disappointing/exciting news. We shall see.
Oh, and my computer crashed a few weeks ago, resulting in a complete recovery needing to be done, but I lost all my bookmarked blogs and pages. If you have a blog that you do not see listed under my blog list, please comment with it or send me an email. I am still missing some...